Features to Look for in a DJ Virtual Download Pool

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The music industry relies on tastemaker DJs to break new music. A DJ virtual download pool enables DJs to legally download and promote high quality MP3s that haven’t been released previously, sometimes even weeks or months before their normal servicing timelines. If you are a high-profile radio, club, internet broadcast, live-to-air, or mobile DJ, it is essential that you find a cost-effective and efficient way to break and promote new music to your target audience. Look for the following features in a DJ virtual download pool to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Extensive Music Catalog

To stay ahead of the curve and break new music that matters the most, DJs should join a virtual download pool that features an extensive, up-to-date music catalog that is serviced by both major and independent labels worldwide. The music catalog should feature music from a variety of genres, including dance, urban, pop, and rock. A DJ virtual download pool should offer daily releases of new music to ensure that you have access to the latest releases.

High Quality Downloads

As a mobile, radio, club, live-to-air, or internet broadcast DJ, it’s important to have access to high quality downloads. To ensure optimal sound quality, find a DJ virtual pool that offers MP3s that are free of viruses at 320 bit rate.

Latest Industry Information

DJ Welcome to DJ EliteFind a DJ virtual download pool that provides the latest industry information, so it can serve as a one-stop shop for all of your DJing needs. A DJ virtual download pool should provide important data, such as label information, hardware and software manufacturer information, and national and world charts. An RSS feed is an effective way for a DJ virtual download pool to conveniently keep you informed of the latest releases.

Fast and Hassle-Free

DJ virtual download pools enable you to get access to the latest music without the hassle of searching for music on the internet. To ensure that you can find the music you’re looking for quickly, use a DJ virtual download pool with enhanced filtering features that allow you to search and sort music listings by label, artist, song, and genre.

Another important feature to look for in a DJ virtual download pool is an easy-to-use website and 24/7 tech support. A user-friendly website will ensure that you are able to download the music you need without any trouble, while round-the-clock customer service will provide the support you need to manage any technical issues that may arise.

DJ Welcome to DJ Elite

Advanced Download Management Features

In order to manage your music downloads effectively and keep them organized, it is essential to find a DJ virtual download pool with advanced download management features. An effective download manager will enable you to queue your tracks. zipDJ, one of the most advanced digital distribution systems in the world, allows DJs to download tracks one at a time or together in one convenient .zip file. This .zip file batch downloading feature is unique to the zipDJ service.


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